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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thanks for all the welcoming messages, guys! A nice surprise. I'm just finishing getting ready for AAR/SBL, which is one of the many things in life that I find both intriguing and just a bit absurd - still, if anyone described me in those terms on my tombstone, I suspect I'd be rather flattered. If anything particularly intrigues me, or presses my absurdity button, I may let you know. Tonight's question - if Jesus had had a blog, would we understand more or less about him?


At 10:14 pm, Blogger Matthew Hazell said...

I think Jesus would podcast rather than blog, anyway. 1st century oral culture and all that. But Jesus apparently did have a very primitive sand-based blog (Jn. 7:53-8:11), the contents of which obviously weren't worth writing down. So, maybe if Jesus had a cyberspace blog, it wouldn't actually contain anything worth remembering!

Seriously though, I'm not sure whether we'd understand anything more about Jesus if he did have a blog. Certainly we'd have more information, but more info doesn't equal more/better understanding. We have enough problems understanding the four canonical blogs/gospels about Jesus that we have!

At 2:28 pm, Blogger Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


Sorry I did not get around to giving you a first class welcome on the first post. However, here it is - welcome! Hope to see you at SBL.


At 8:00 am, Blogger Matthew J.M. Coomber said...

Good Question!

Considering the first time he contacted us we up and killed him, I bet the Jesus-blog scenario would look something like this.

He'd have a good run for the first two years or so. People would check it frequently, offering LOTS of comments (as many negative as positive) and he'd start to develop a large base of support. His ideas would spill over into Op/Ed pieces and perhaps even discussions on Larry King Live.

At this time, the government would get a bit concerned about his calls for better treatment of the poor, this nonsense about turning the other cheek and non-violence in general. Some established churches would get up in arms that Jesus wasn’t visiting their blogs, but hanging out on all the marginalized groups blogs. His posts about being non-judgemental would be the final straw.

Enter the smear campaign…

After getting a group of Jesus' former school mates to go on national TV to tell us that he was really a big bully in school who always stole the other kids' milk money (they would call themselves something like "Ex-Classmates for Truth"), the Federal Communications Commission (or the equivalent in whatever government he was born under) would find some way to revoke his internet using privileges. After realizing the futility of accepting news talk-show interviews was a waste of time, he would then leave his computer and go talk to those who were still willing to listen.

In short, if Jesus had a blog, the question in the end might be more along the lines, 'what would we learn about ourselves?'

At 11:01 am, Blogger steph said...

insignificant me of little or no importance thinks that with a message like the one described above, our predominantly environmentally conscious population would welcome his message of non-violence and his approach to poverty, the Green movement would embrace him and he would be elected the first Green PM of New Zealand in a landslide victory.

forever an optimist ... occasionally, steph

At 12:37 pm, Blogger Matthew J.M. Coomber said...

Yay New Zeland!...and optimism too :O)


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